Ideas for Healthy Diet Menu for A Week

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To go on a diet, it cannot be done in a short time. Otherwise, it will not work. For a diet to work, at least doing it for four weeks in an efficient manner will gain some results. However, as it said before, it will work if people know their diet way is effective. To do so, what is eaten and drank to the body should be controlled and chosen only the right menu. Here is some healthy diet menu for a week plan that may help your diet plan.

Monday and Wednesday: Grain Sandwich with Veggies and Almond Milk

For a healthy diet menu for a week, start with something energizing but also low in fat and carbohydrates. Grain sandwich made of grain sliced bread stuffed with vegetables is a good choice to initiate the day. Grain bread has more fiber than ordinary bread. Therefore, the fullness will last longer, preventing us from eating more. Complement the dish with almond milk. Almond milk is a milk made of almond that contains healthy fat and protein. To do so, eat a bit of almond milk before eating, after eating, drink the whole glass of 200cc of almond milk.

Tuesday and Thursday: Chicken Breast and Salad

People may avoid meat thinking it is all contains fat that makes people gain weight. However, chicken breast is a delicious source of protein that will energize the body and build muscle in the body. Building muscle will help people to have ideal weight instead of being overweight or underweight. To complete the healthy diet menu for a week, eat salad with olive oil as the vitamin source. The combination of this menu is best to eat during lunch or dinner. People can make the sandwich out of chicken breast continued with eating salad after that.

Friday and Saturday: Salmon and Mashed Potato

For Friday and Sunday, a half-baked salmon sprinkle with olive oil and greeneries is an excellent choice for healthy diet menu for a week. Salmon contains high protein and cooking it medium rare will keep the nutrition inside it. For some supply, add mashed potato. Carbohydrates are still needed for it is the biggest energy supply, as long as consume it moderately it will not affect the body weight. This menu is best eaten at dinner. Make sure to cook the salmon half rare because salmon Nutrition is best when it is not entirely cooked. For the mashed potato ration, three to four spoons of it will do.

Saturday Special Meal

For Saturday, a turkey sandwich with berry juice is an excellent choice for lunch while enjoying the day off at home. Turkey contains more protein instead of fat, and it is also slow to digest, therefore, it will make people go on a diet not to feel hungry frequently. For a supply of vitamin for healthy diet menu for a week, berry juice either strawberry, blackberry or blueberry will freshen the body with its rich vitamin. Another juice like grape and banana will also do for the diet plan.

The menu can be exchanged for the next week or mix the order in order not to get bored with the taste. A diet plan for a week is just one of the plans for a whole diet that can take up four weeks. In case people cannot serve the healthy diet menu for a week themselves, there are also some restaurants that provide diet plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Look at the calories percentage of each product that will be used to cook or if ordered in restaurants, ask the waiters about the calories information for each dish. Hopefully, this diet menu for a week will help those on a diet.