how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks 10 kg

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Indeed we want to lose weight and become slim quickly, but drastic diet changes, especially the one who require you not to eat at all will lead you to some serious risk of health problems. In addition, unhealthy food also does not allow changes in healthy lifestyles to maintain ideal body weight for a long period.

Then how much weight reduction is recommended? Between half to one kilogram a week, the calculation is half a kilo of fat = 3,500 calories so if you want to lose half a pound of body weight, it means that in a day there should be at least 500 calories burned. Drastic, rapid weight loss that is not good causes some health risks, besides such weight loss will not last long and will also quickly rise again. You can lose weight quickly and naturally without any side effects so as not to harm the health of the body, and it is cheaper and economical. Here are some of the ways of healthy diet tips to lose weight:

  1. Consume food that helps to burn fat in the body

The first of healthy diet tips to lose weight some types of foods that are useful to burn fat in the body quickly, and this is how the natural diet without exercise:

  • Berry Fruit: Several types of berries are effective for weight loss, they are blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. All these types of beans are low in calories and contain flavonoids so suitable for consumption for the diet program. In addition, this fruit also contains antioxidants that can ward off free radicals.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is one of the health foods which is rich in vitamins and low in fat. If you consume yogurt regularly every day can reduce fat levels in the stomach as much as 81%.
  • Eggs: Eggs are one type of foods that is rich in protein and low in calories. Many health practitioners recommend consuming eggs as healthy diet tips to lose weight.
  • Green Tea: Drinks consumed by the majority of people are tea, but an active type of tea to lose weight is green tea or so-called oolong tea. Green tea can increase the metabolism process in the body so that burning fat in the body faster. So it counts as a healthy diet tip to lose weight you want to lose weight quickly.

  1. Consume loads of water

Many health practitioners always recommend consuming lots of water as healthy diet tips to lose weight, which is at least eight glasses per day. Increasing the consumption of water can reduce the risk of dehydration, but it is also effective to lose weight because the stomach will be full so you will feel full even if not eating.

  1. Consumes fibrous foods

One way of the natural diet is to eat fibrous foods as well. This food can lose weight quickly and healthy. Foods that rich in fiber can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, broccoli, spinach, other green vegetables, guava, pears, and bananas.

  1. Do some sports

One of the activities to be done when dieting is exercise. Perform regular exercise to burn fat in the body so that it can lose weight. An effective exercise for weight loss is jogging, walking, aerobic exercise, or other sports. If you do not have much time then please just try to walk up the stairs as when at the office, do not use the elevator because it can burn fat in the body quickly.That’s all the healthy diet tips to lose weight, hope it will be beneficial for you.