Healthy diet menu to lose weight

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Ideal weight has been many of women’s goal. Not only it will boost appearance but having ideal weight is also considered healthy. One of the ways to reach ideal weight is by going on a diet. However, many people misinterpret diet with not eating to lose weight when it is actually for balancing eating lifestyle and the nutrition that enters our body. To control them, it will be needed healthy diet menu to lose weight for daily meals. Many worried if diet menu is not tasteful, but here we provide daily three times meals for the diet that is healthy and tasty at the same time.

Healthy Diet Breakfast Menu

Even though some people think skipping breakfast is the first way to go on a diet, it is entirely wrong. Breakfast is imperative as the kick start for energy used for a whole day. Here is a simple diet menu for breakfast.

  1. First Plan for healthy diet menu to lose weight
  • Oatmeal with Egg

Oatmeal is very healthy for the heart, and it also contains little carbohydrate and more fiber that will make you not too easy to feel hunger. The egg is a good kick start for energy with its rich protein and healthy fat.

  • Banana and Nut

Banana is one of the best choices for breakfast due to its high nutrition but low in carbohydrate. The nut is also healthy for it gives energy supply from its healthy and considerable amount of fat.

  • Toast and Almond Butter

Toast is a typical breakfast menu that has great taste. To make it healthy, use some almond butter instead of ordinary butter to lessen the transfer fat from ordinary butter. Complete the meal with fresh milk.

Second plan for healthy diet menu to lose weight

  • Yogurt, Chicken Breast, and Berry

Yogurt is an excellent choice of breakfast drink at it has healthy bacteria that will help cleans up the digestion system. Chicken breast is the rich source of protein, and for vitamins, berry fruits either strawberry, blueberry or mulberry is an excellent complementary fruit for breakfast.

Healthy Diet Lunch Menu

Lunch is also necessary to regain energy from breakfast, many choose this lunch time, but it is completely misleading. Starving ourselves is not going to make us lose weight. It even will lower the metabolism that ends up catching more fat. Here are some combination of lunch and how healthy diet menu to lose weight.

Salad and almond milk

The salad that is made from various vegetables and fruits is very healthy. Use olive oil instead of mayonnaise to make the salad feels tasty but also does not need much many and the amount of fat in the past. Complete the diet progress with this lunch menu.

  1. Packed and Diet Menu
  • Turkey Sandwich

Turkey is now considered as the more healthy meat for healthy diet menu to lose weight. Turkey has more protein to energize body rather than unhealthy fat and high carbohydrate.

  • Veggie Burger with Yogurt

If you want some delicious burgers but one that does not contain fat and too many carbs, a burger of bread buns with veggies inside them is the healthy choice. Vegetable has more protein and vitamins that are good for diet

Healthy Diet Menu Dinner

Salmon and Berry Juice

Salmon has been known to contain many nutritions. Therefore, it is a good choice for healthy diet menu to lose weight. To further help to regain some nutrition back after working, a berry juice of any berry will contribute to balancing the nutrition absorbed by the body. Choose salmon steak over another meat steak since salmon is healthier.