Healthy Diet Menu to Lose Weight Efficiently

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Excessive weight certainly makes you less confident. Also, excess weight also increases the risk of some diseases such as diabetes, which is triggered by obesity, stroke, hypertension, heart attacks, and other diseases. The only prevention to prevent some of the above diseases is by losing some weight through healthy diet menu to lose weight. It’s true, losing weight is not easy. It takes consistency, courage, patience, and discipline while on a diet. Unfortunately, many people who surrender to diet because they claimed not able to live their days with diets and food portions are different from before.

Nutrition experts recommend a healthy diet program for those who have complaints of obesity. A healthy diet menu to lose weight is a diet that uses healthy food menus with a complete and balanced nutritional content as a daily menu. These menus are obviously very healthy for the body, in particular for the digestive system. Not all food ingredients are allowed to be consumed while on this healthy diet, only food ingredients that contain fiber, protein, good fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Meanwhile, various types of junk foods and prepared foods should not be consumed because it is not healthy at all, both types of food also have a higher caloric content than fresh foods.

  1. Replace your white rice with brown rice

You want to eat rice, but on a healthy diet, menu to lose weight? Who says when you are on a diet, you should not consume rice. You can consume rice, it’s just that rice you consume is not ordinary rice, but brown rice which rich in complex carbohydrate content. Complete one bowl of your red rice with fresh vegetable.

  1. Mashed potato and scrambled egg

Reference to another breakfast menu on healthy diet menu to lose weight that you must try is the mashed potatoes with toppings of scrambled eggs. This one breakfast menu is very practical and easy to make. Only prepare two potatoes that have been washed clean and boiled until cooked, and then mashed it with your fork. For scrambled eggs, just make one egg then fried on a skillet that has been given a little vegetable or olive oil.

  1. Eat more salad! Vegetables or fruit

Are you a lover of vegetables and fruits? Besides, it can be processed as a glass of juice, other processed vegetables and fruits are fresh salads with sweet thousand island sauce. You may use different types of vegetables and fruits as the main ingredient of salad. Call it cabbage, lettuce, apples, avocado, grape, and bananas. Cut all the ingredients on top and pour the thousand island sauce on top. Do not forget to sprinkle sesame seeds or chopped almonds and olive oil on top. This breakfast menu will make your body feel more fresh and healthy.

  1. Oatmeal and wheat bread

Oatmeal, wheat bread, or green bean porridge are the three proper and healthy diet menu to lose weight for you who are running a diet program. Oatmeal and wheat bread are rich in complex carbohydrates that are exquisite for you who are on a diet. Similarly, green bean porridge is rich in protein and fiber content, so it will make a full stomach but not worsen your weight.

In addition, to set the type of food to be consumed, you need to focus on healthy diet menu to lose weight. The right diet is to eat well but with a small portion of food. Do not forget to do regular exercise at least 30 minutes every day. You do not have to work out in the gym or something. There are many types of competitive sports are also no less useful to lose weight. You can try swimming, jogging, brisk walking, gymnastics, and so on.