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health tips for the child in Hindi

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A healthy life is the must to do. In having the healthy life, we have to arrange and control our supply and activity. This condition also has been done since childhood. There are some health tips for the child in Hindi. Healthy life cycle can be done from two sides. For the first is the eating supply. For the second is the activity. Children have to have better eating during their age since they still have some development. So, they have to get better food for supporting their development. Then, activity is also important for them. It will reduce some obesity in children. Here are the best ways to improve and maintain your children’s health.

Eating Cycle

Typically, there is difference eating cycle between children and adults. Since children need more nutrition and they are in development, so there might be some difference eating cycle that must be concerned. Here are some health tips for the child in Hindi that must be done for your kids:

  1. Breakfast

For the first and important thing is breakfast. You cannot skip breakfast for your children since breakfast is the first supply in a day. Some people said that you could skip another meal time, but you cannot skip breakfast. You can start a day with healthy breakfast. Avoid fast food for the breakfast menu. For the simplest way, you can make a sandwich with a glass of milk. This two kinds of a meal are usually eaten for breakfast. For another choice, you can also serve a bowl of cereal if your children avoid eating breakfast too much in the morning. If it still does not work, you can only serve a glass of juice in the morning as the health tips for the child in Hindi. It has equal contain in a glass of juice so that you will not be worried about it.

  1. Eat Together

For the second health tips for the child in Hindi is try to eat together with your kids. It will increase your children’s appetite when they eat together, especially with the parents. It is not the only effect to the body’s health, but it also affects to the psychological condition of the children. The presence of parents or peer in meal time leads to the increasing of appetite. Moreover, when eating together with the kids, the parents also can control over what the children’s eat. Even in the busiest time, the parents have to have the consistent schedule for eating together. It will build up the bond between parents and children.

  1. Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

For the most important thing is eating more vegetables and fruits. It will be difficult for some parents that have children who do not like eat more vegetables and fruits. There is some way to solve this problem. Nowadays, you can easily find the menu of vegetables or fruits with the beautiful present so that your children has a will to eat their food. You can combine both of vegetables and meat to make a portion of food that your children like. For instance, you can make meatball which is mixed up with meat and spinach. So, it will be the best health tips for the child in Hindi.

  1. Drinking Supply

As the health tips for the child in Hindi, don’t forget about drinking supply. Make sure that you have to avoid the flavored drinks from your children. It will be better for children to drink more mineral water rather than drinking more other beverages. It is also better to make the flavored drink at home such as from fruits. It will reduce the consumption of unneeded nutrition in your children’s body.